Scanferlato company has his origins in truck’s history

Scanferlato company realized the first vehicle fittings on legendary FIAT 15TER, 18BLR, 621, names that evoke memories of dusty streets and Spartan trucks.
In the following years, thanks to entrepreneurship of owners, the company increased the quantity and the quality of realized products and it was able to force his presence on nationwide view as one of the most prestigious name. At present, thanks to his specialized workers capacities, the company has customers in Spain, German and Slovenian markets.
Today’s the target is the total satisfaction of customer’s expectations and this is possible also thanks to ISO 9001 2000 certification that company already got it. Now, Scanferlato company ‘s head office is situated in Quinto di Treviso industrial area and it occupies a total area of fifteen thousand square metres and five thousand square metres are covered and destined for production.


Manufacture of fixed boxes
Manufacture of fixed or adjustable frames and semi vans
Manufacture of prefabricated vans, mini-snap, insulated vans
Manufacture of vans equipped for travelling shops
Manufacture of interchangeable bodyworks “lift”, “stat” and self moving “lift”
Manufacture of presses for foam rubber and compressible materials
Manufacture of special vehicles for motor and motorcycle teams
Manufacture of interchangeable bodyworks equipped with mega-screen for broadcasting of multimedia events
Manufacture of “lift” interchangeable bodyworks for wine bottling
All vehicles fittings can be produced with iron or stainless steel.


Withdrawal of vehicles to fit and delivery of fitted vehicles
Technical and commercial advice
Assistance for breakings or working anomalies on the vehicles